Monday, February 19, 2018

For my family...

I'm letting go of my current job. This would normally make a family nervous, if there wasn't a new job on the horizon. Heck, I did this several years ago and it made *my* family nervous (rightly so!).

I am leaving my job because I am finally realizing that it has made me sad and depressed, out of alignment, and creatively frustrated, which has affected my family.
For too long I had allowed myself to think that I couldn't do something else with my skills and that my iterations were unwelcome (well, they were, at the organization I was at).

But I need to take the leap of faith that there's a lot more out in the world for me. I was starting to feel like a bad parent because I wasn't a good example for my creative, bright, unique son. I was starting to do that thing where I'd live/work/exist one way, but tell him to do something different (and hope that he didn't look at my life as an example).

That's silly! I need to live a co-created life, if I want to amplify living a co-creative life. So here I go...

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