Thursday, May 30, 2013

Peaceful Moment

When I imagine peace, little boy
there are doves and white fluffy clouds
I see a woman
not me
smiling slowly
moving slowly
living slowly
Waves crash rhythmically against a beach
I've never been to

When I imagine peace, little boy
the moment is in an active
Someone is enjoying
a refreshing beverage
their limbs are tan and toned
Not a care in the world.

But tonight, as I hold you
the washer is chaotically
tossing clothes
the fake rushing water of the noise machine
covers up the sounds
of John Mayer

You are in my arms, eyes closed
finally snoring
I smell your head, like I do thousands of times
in between activities in our day
your busy arms are slowing down as you drift off.
I hold you tightly.

And this is the only peaceful moment I care about.



My favorite baby

My inspiration

My inspiration