Monday, August 19, 2013

Letting go of thought patterns

Getting shit stolen has a whole host of things that come with it, above and beyond the actual loss, violation, and annoyance at getting it back or getting new stuff. For me, the reminder to listen to, and heed, my intuition has been at the forefront.

I've had accurate and responsive intuition for years. In fact, when all else points to me being paranoid, suspicious, and crazy, a few more minutes, questions, facts and experiences always (ALWAYS) verify that my hunch is/was right. I have a knack for hearing those messages clearly. While I don't always act on the intuition I get, the messages are always clear, simple, and easy to hear.

The robbery is no different. I knew it was coming or I knew how to avoid it months (years?) before it happened. After all, it happened before. And there were steps we took, but we could've and should've done more.

But I digress. Back to intuition. Being a mom comes with a whole new set of listening tools regarding intuition. Now there's this OTHER person who is clearly communicating (if I'm paying attention) and interacting with my world. And I pride myself on being able to hear those messages. Again though, I'm not amazing at heeding the messages, but I try really hard since K's downfall can usually be avoided if I do listen to my intuition.

So I'm getting better about listening to him (regarding the non-verbal stuff...he's getting more and more verbally clear too), and now I need to sharpen the blade of discernment in my own life, with my business, my communication skills, my social life, etc.

Trust is also a big part of letting go. Jumping off the cliff is not a good metaphor for "trusting." Intuition isn't a guess. It's not blind, in the traditional sense. It's not about crossing my fingers and hoping. Intuition is a clear message. When I trust my intuition, it's not a 50/50 chance sort of thing. It's a sure (100%) thing. I get a message, I heed it, I avoid pitfalls. Even when I heed the message and "something goes wrong," I know deep down (not that deep, actually) that really, in the end, it's working out for the best. I know that because I don't feel angry, worried, abandoned. Sure, I might feel put off or a bit surprised, but those are different. The calm comes over me in ways that I couldn't predict.

Heeding my intuition is the most challenging part, but it becomes a habit or a pattern if I allow it to. And at this point, with everything that has happened, it's about time for me to let go of some outdated thought patterns (especially regarding money and security) and start trusting the messages coming through.

I'm excited to see how things will shift (they already are shifting...)

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